The Columbarium

Massanetta Springs is near and dear to the hearts of thousands. Through the generations, lives have been touched and relationships enriched. As a celebration of the special and sacred place Massanetta holds in the lives and memories of so many, a columbarium was established in order to encourage persons to celebrate this holy relationship even beyond the confines of earthly life.

A Committee manages the facility which provides seventy-two niches for the interment of the cremation remains of loved ones. The Columbarium at Massanetta Springs is open to all.

The Lucy Steele Memorial Chapel, a quaint sanctuary seating twenty persons, houses the two columbarium units which flank each side of the doorway along the rear wall. The Chapel is on the corner of Massanetta Springs Road and Woodland Drive, located adjacent to the historic Massanetta Springs Cottage Community. A beautiful Book of Remembrance is on display including a page of memories submitted by the family for each person interred in the Columbarium.


The rules and regulations for the Columbarium are available upon request from the Committee Chair or Massanetta’s office.

Each niche can accommodate the cremains of one or two persons. The Committee will provide to the Funeral Director the container specifically designed for the niche. The opening and closing of niches and the mounting of the nameplates is the responsibility of the Committee. The choice of a funeral director and an ordained minister are the responsibility of the family or estate of the decedent.

All services in connection with interment of ashes shall be those prescribed or approved by the Committee and consistent with the worship of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) which celebrates the life and witnesses to the resurrection of the deceased.

The Columbarium and all niches remain the property of Massanetta Springs. Those who purchase niches are purchasing the privilege of use of the Columbarium for the sole purpose of burial of cremated remains. Should Massanetta Springs ever move from its present location, the Columbarium Committee would be solely responsible for the removal of the niches to a new location, which shall be selected at its sole discretion.

Fees to Reserve a Niche

The fee includes the cost of opening and closing the niche and the cost for engraving the nameplate for the designated cremains. The cost of cremation and all other funeral costs are the responsibility of the Purchaser and payment for such services is made directly to the funeral home.

  • $1,000 to accommodate cremains of one person
  • $1,500 to accommodate cremains of two persons

A non-refundable administrative fee of 5% ($50) will be charged should a niche space be purchased and later requested to be sold back to the Committee.