Challenge Course & Zipline

A Challenge Course presents a group with a series of obstacles that they must work together to overcome. Challenge Courses are about experiential education. The difficulty level of the obstacles increases as the group progresses and gains confidence in its abilities. After completing each obstacle, the group will “debrief” as each person will have an opportunity to talk about how they did and what they learned while doing the previous obstacle. As groups work together to solve the obstacles encountered, the group gets a chance to develop and learn teamwork, cooperation, trust, and leadership. There is so much fun in the process that you do not even know you are learning at the same time!

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Examples of initiatives on the Massanetta Springs Challenge Course:

  • Whale Watch: the group attempts to balance a large swaying platform.
  • Mohawk Walk: the group attempts to walk over a series of steel cables stretching from one tree to another.
  • Spiders Web: the group attempts to pass each other from one side of the web to another, without touching any of the strands.

Goals of the program:

  • Develop trust and mutual respect and community among a group of people
  • Develop a closer relationship between ourselves and the outdoors
  • Build leadership skills
  • Develop greater agility and control over our bodies, and to know our strengths and limitations
  • Challenge the limits of what we think we can do
  • Enjoy and have fun at the expense of no one

Booking and rates:

Reservations need to be made at least one month in advance of the date you wish to bring your group.

The cost of the Challenge Course is $20 per person and covers the cost of trained and prepared facilitators as well as upkeep and certification of the course. There must be at least six (6) participants to use the course and the minimum fee is the cost of ten participants or $200. Special rates apply at various times, so please call.