Restricted Giving and Gifts-in-Kind

Though unrestricted gifts allow the Board to direct funds to the most pressing needs, some donors prefer to choose to give to particular project. We consider this “restricted giving” and the gift is used only for that purpose.

There are smaller gifts like 6-foot tables, stackable chairs for meeting rooms, or bedside tables. There are larger gifts like the Speakman Chair of Preaching Fund, the renovation of the Spring House, a salt-spreader, portable choral risers, portable sound systems, high-ropes course, and even adopting a room as part of the Living Waters Campaign for the rehabilitation of the Historic Hotel. We promise that your gift will be used for the purpose for which it was given.

Appropriate acknowledgement plaques can often be placed on most restricted gifts as a means of expressing gratitude.
Gifts-in-kind are items that are given to meet a particular need, like a “gently used” refrigerator for the Hodge Lodge or the Camp, a “young” (two year old or less) computer, or a “crate” table and chair set for use in one of our lodging facilities. Massanetta reserves the sole right to accept or to turn down gifts-in-kind depending on the needs at the center and the condition of the gift.

Please contact by calling 540-434-3829 if you would like to discuss the opportunities and our needs.