MSC Hubler Challenge Donor List

As of noon on 10/6/16 we have raised $18,225! While the official challenge closed at midnight on 10/3/16, we are accepting gifts to the challenge through 10/15/16.

Thank you to all those who have given.  On the day Hubler Lodge is rededicated, each individual gift will be recognized.  The total gift from this challenge will be recognized permanently inside Hubler Lodge as from, “Middle School Conference.”

Donor List

Jay Banasiak

James Bernhardt

Mary Boyd

Brandon Brewer

Brenda Brown

Claire Butler

Julia Cherry

Len & Renee Clark

Lynne Clements

Chris Edmonston

Sean Davenport

Todd & Erin Davidson

Julie DeLizza

John Dull

Michael Garvey

Mandy & Kemper Gibson

The Griffin Family (Amy, Dennis, Brandon & Carter)

Caitlin Hahn

Jody Hahn

Stephanie Hammond

Matt Hartley

Sarah Hill

Henry Hogan

Laura & Fred Holbrook

Philip Holbrook

Rebekah Holbrook

Rebekah Hutto

Peyton Jenkins

Haley Jones

Quentin Jones

Kelly Kaufmann

Ed & Jan Lovell

Eli & Katy Lovell

Seth & Brittany Lovell

Jim Lunde

Brooke MacLean

Joe McCutchen

Marjorie Macy

Megan Martin

Emily Miller

Emma Moore

Andy & Sarah Pugh Morgan

Nancy Myer

Ryan O’Shea

Addie Pederson

Lindsey Wells Peery

Ruth & Doug Pugh

Hiram Perez-Cordero

Brittany Porch

Michael Poulos

Kristy Ray

John Sawyer

Allysen Schaaf

Tom & Krissa Schaaf

Lynn Secondo

Lauren Slingerland

Anne Stark

Stacy Taylor

John & Laurie Weicher

Kate Wells

Kathy & David Wells

Ken Worsham & Pauline Leveille

Sarah Woynicz

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