Covenant Churches

A Covenant Church partners with Massanetta to:

  • Support Massanetta with an annual unrestricted gift of at least $500 for churches 200 members or more; or for churches under 200 members we suggest $250 or more.
  • Promote Massanetta’s programs and ministries, and use Massanetta for your retreats.

Your support helps to provide:

  • Conference experiences for youth, children, and adults. An oasis for worship, prayer, and fellowship.
  •  A welcoming place for all ages.
  • Facilities for the Synod and its fourteen presbyteries.
  • Wonderfully enriching and inspiring programs.
  • A facility where churches can gather for their own retreats and conferences.
  • A place to listen and to rest.
  • A place where the “grace and hospitality of Christ” is experienced by all.

Churches from throughout Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland, D.C., West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware have included Massanetta Springs in their annual budget. Churches from as far away as South Carolina and Georgia have entered into this partnership. Would you invite your congregation to join with us?

For more information, please download the Covenant Churches Brochure.