Called Together 2018

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August 6-9, 2018 


Grow Stronger In Marriage And Ministry. Called Together is a four day retreat focusing on relationships, renewal, and resources for couples who are both in professional ministry.


Relationships – strengthen your relationship as a couple/family; develop relationships with other couples who get the unique challenges and blessings of being called together. 

  • Renewal – Enjoy the gift of letting others plan opportunities for your spiritual renewal.  Take time for Sabbath in a beautiful corner of God’s creation.

  • Resources – Leave better equipped for ministry by gaining tools from our leaders and the community of ministry couples.



Chaplain Couple: The Revs. Jan Edmiston and Fred Lyon

We are thrilled Jan and Fred will be able to join us for Called Together 2018.  They have a wealth of experience individually, and as a couple that will be beneficial to all who attend.  Click on the Conference Leadership page to find out more about Jan and Fred.


Resource Leader: The Rev. Martha Spong

Pastor, Author, and Coach Martha Spong will be leading sessions entitled, “The Hats We Wear.” 

Resource Sessions: The Hats We Wear

The work of ministry requires a better attention to the roles we play – or the hats we wear – than most other work in the world. What happens to us when the long list of tasks and roles related to ministry pushes aside the personal and relational aspects of our lives? As partners in clergy couples, we add a degree of difficulty even when our vocations are fulfilling.

We will take the time to name the hats we wear as people and as pastors, to remember the hats we have set aside, and to own the ones we might wish we didn’t wear. We will spend time in a large group, as well as having small group breakouts and conversations for couples.

Workshop Leader: Brad Barnett

Brad Barnett is an Accredited Financial Counselor and Certified Personal Financial Manager who works as the Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships at James Madison University.  In addition to his numerous state, regional, and national activities in over decades of working in the financial aid profession, Brad also teaches personal finance at JMU and provides financial counseling services to individuals and couples outside of his role with the university. 

Workshop: Is Money a Problem? 

Is money a problem? Or, are the behaviors and habits we have that involve what we do with our money creating challenges? During this interactive workshop, we’ll explore these questions and much more. Get ready to talk through your cash flow tracking done the prior month, discuss various expense items and strategies for saving money, talk through issues of money and relationships, and review how to create an effective zero-based budget that aligns with your values and goals.


Bring Your Family!

During retreat activities for adults, children of all ages will enjoy a program designed especially for them.  Enjoy opportunities for recreation and renewal as a family.


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If you have any questions about this retreat, you may contact Hannah Altman, Acting Program Director at or 540-434-3829.